Welcome to Lux Strength

A Different Kind of Strong.

At Lux Strength, we teach you how to move well, look good, and feel better. Empower yourself through strength and never look back!

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Charis, founder, owner, and head coach at Lux Strength.

When I moved to Colorado in 2012 to pursue the career of my dreams, I had no training experience, connections, friends, or really much of anything else. As I immersed myself in the training I was hungry to learn about, I volunteered to teach any class that anyone would let me teach. It was a lot of hours and physical and mental work, but it paid the rent. And most importantly, it connected me to others.

I have taught at so many different studios, gyms, parks, backyards, basements, you name it. Even a medical fitness center, which was the first and biggest break of them all, as I was the only person able to teach Pilates. And you guys—- I had no fucking idea what I was doing. I was beyond nervous and scared, but I showed up.

I did a lot of bitch work, was talked down to by managers, owners, and clients alike. It was sometimes even degrading. But I made mental notes the whole way through. What I liked, what I didn’t. What to do, what to not do. Ways I swore I wouldn’t treat other clients or other coaches. What people really needed and wanted.

Lux Strength is the culmination of all those years.

We welcome any body, age, shape, size, color, background, ability, gender, sex, race, religion, whatever! Any bullshit that has intimidated people away from not only gyms but HEALTH, strength, empowerment, confidence, independence and all the other wonderful things you can get from movement. The only people not allowed are assholes who make other gyms intolerable (you know the ones).

We periodically offer an array of donation-based classes, especially in warmer months (hellooooo garage door!). 100% of the proceeds go directly to a designated organization. These classes are suitable for any fitness level! Just sign up and give what you can. Classes will be in-house (socially distanced and masked) and also offered on Zoom. Please contact us for more information.

COVID19 Precautions

We care about your health and safety, so please know Lux is frequently and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Masks are enforced. We clean every piece of equipment we touched and sanitize between all of our clients and after our own workouts. Our clients have all agreed to cancel when they have any symptoms whatsoever, are concerned about exposure, or have traveled. Rest assured, Lux is doing everything in our power to keep you (and us!) healthy.



Charis Cook

Charis is obsessed with the human body and passionate about biomechanics. She loves to help people learn about their bodies AND learn how those bodies can move to feel, look, and perform their best.

Though her degrees are in political science and Korean language and literature (it’s a long story), she realized that what she was truly passionate about was moving. Initially the interest was really just for herself, but through the years, she has discovered a deep desire to make pain-free movement, especially movement under load, accessible to everyone.

She is certified in Russian Kettlebell (HKC, RKC), comprehensive Pilates (BASI), Functional Movement Systems (Level 2), Kabuki Strength, and TRX Suspension Trainer (for both group and individual use). She is also a Precision Nutrition certified coach (Level 1) and a certified USAPL Club Coach.

Sebastian Garcia

Sebastian Garcia is the owner of SG1 Fitness Training. He has been utilizing his degree in Kinesiology with a Psychology minor for 6 years now with experience in coaching small groups, large groups, and 1 on 1 personal training members.

Throughout his years of education he’s picked up a StrongFirst Kettlebell Certification as well as experience with barbells and yoga.

With a focus on living a fun and free life, Sebastian spends most of his time outside of the gym by being outdoors. Since moving to Colorado he’s racked up plenty of do’s and don’ts on rock climbing, mountain biking, and snowboarding. Creatively, Sebastian spends the rest of his time playing the drums in a musical duo throughout Denver.

Lastly, he’s also a vegetarian! Which is something you don’t encounter in the gym too often. Reach out to him if you want to be fitter, stronger, and more balanced in your life.